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Amiee's growth, happiness, blessedness, are inseparable from the care and support of her all families and friends.

Amiee's growth is inseparable from the care and support of her parents, all family members, and all the uncles and aunties from both China and United Kingdom. As a new-born baby belonging to Oxford, Amiee hopes to learn more knowledge from this great and historically rich city, making her growth more enriching, joyful, and meaningful.

Living in Oxford is an incredible opportunity for me as a young baby. This city is known for its prestigious university and rich cultural heritage. I am surrounded by a loving family who is dedicated to my well-being and development. With their guidance and support, I am embarking on a journey of growth and discovery.

My parents play a significant role in shaping my early years. They provide me with a nurturing environment, filled with love and care. I am grateful for the time they spend with me, playing, reading, and teaching me about the world. Their dedication and affection fuel my curiosity and eagerness to learn. All families including friends and colleagues of my parents brings joy and excitement to my life. They shower me with love and take an active interest in my well-being and progress. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences inspire me to explore the world and embrace different perspectives.

Growing up in Oxford offers me a unique opportunity to be surrounded by knowledge and learning. I hope to absorb the wisdom and heritage of this historic city, drawing inspiration from its renowned scholars and intellectuals. From exploring the beautiful architecture to immersing myself in its vibrant cultural scene, I aim to make the most of the resources this city has to offer. With the love and support of my family and the enriching environment of Oxford, I am determined to make my growth journey one that is meaningful, joyful, and full of knowledge, with adventures, new friendships, and valuable experiences. I am grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to embracing each day with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting chapter of my life in Oxford!

Dr. Huanming CHEN (Jimmy)

Amiee's Daddy

Huanming joined the University of Oxford as researcher associate in Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering Group in 2022. His research interests span bio-polymers, mechanical behaviours, hydrolytic mechanism, high-rate experimental characterisation, polymer constitutive modelling, polymer structures, etc.

In his second year of his working in Oxford, he acquired his little princess, "Amiee".

Mrs. Yujia CEN (Emily)

Amiee's Mummy

I currently work as an Admissions Officer at Brooks University Oxford. With a passion for education and a background in finance, I bring a unique perspective to the field of comparative international education.

The experience honed my analytical skills and provided me with a solid foundation in data collection and analysis.

Amiee's most loved

Amiee's Gradparents

Amiee has a large family with many members. Amiee has four grand-parents. Every relative loves Amiee very much and provides ample support to her. Amiee also has several uncles and aunts, and been loved by all family members. Amiee is currently the only newborn baby in this extended family after the year of 2010.

Supported by Families

Amiee's uncle/aunty

Amiee has many outstanding uncles and aunts who are younger than Amiee's parents. They are their siblings and have graduated from world-renowned prestigious universities. They are highly talented and promising young individuals. Among them, there are teachers, scientists, economists, engineers, and experts in artificial intelligence, among other professions.

Supported by Friends

Amiee's Godfather/Godmother

Before and after Amiee's birth, he received a lot of love from many good friends from Oxford. They are all excellent scholars at Oxford. They are friendly, warm, kind, and helpful. They were overjoyed by the birth of Amiee, treating him like their own baby. After Amiee's birth, they have been taking meticulous care of his growth. These parents visit Amiee once a month, spending time chatting, playing, and engaging in activities with him.

Supported by Colleagues

Amiee's Academic team

Amiee's birth and growth have also received support from numerous scholars at the university. They are colleagues of Amiee's daddy, and my father spends most of his time with them every day. Amiee can only play with her daddy when he returns home. Many of Amiee's reading books were recommended by her daddy's  colleagues. Thus, Amiee is very grateful to they for their help in her growth.

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